Saturday, January 24, 2009

South India Jungle Safari

This post is long overdue and so I got my buddy Anand to contribute (without his consent - so is this ok, Anand?). Just to give you a bit of context, the 5 of us took an extended weekend trip to Masinagudi Forest Reserve for a jungle safari. Here's Anand's summary of our trip.
Can also lah :)
Here you go... as best as I can remember:
Morning Leave Bangalore
Stop at Kamat Lokaruchi for brekker Mysore - Bandipur - Masinagudi - Singarra - Anekadu
Lunch at Anekadu
Post lunch sack out
Early evening walk around the estate
Late evening Jeep Safari
Night Bonfire / Barbeque / Dinner

Saw this leaf while trekking. Check out the thorns.

Lorenzo showing tiger scratches on the tree
Lorenzo pointing at scratches apparently by tigers on the trunk.

Morning trek around the estate -- see heaps of elephant dung but no elephants :(
Breakfast at Anekadu
Post breakfast leave for Forest Hills (Bokkapuram) via Masinagudi - PO: Forest Hills is our second hotel. We slept in tree houses. Anand, Lorenzo and I shared a house call Machaan)
Sack out at Machaan
Lunch at Forest Hills
More sacking out at Machaan
Hike to the water pool
Still more sacking out at Machaan [By now undisputedly our favourite line item :)]
Dinner at Forest Hills

One of the tree houses we stayed at Forest Hills

The rooftop of the other tree house - Machaan

Morning -- outstanding trek covering part of the elephant corridor and some tiger trails (See tiger pugmarks, tiger Cave et al) - PO: May I add, total trekked time was about 4 hours.
Breakfast at Forest Hills
Leave late morning for Bangalore -- attempts to get the cook to move to Bangalore do not meet with success :)
Stop at Mysore for late lunch at Hotel Metropole
Stop en route to Bangalore at Channapatna for '5 minutes' to buy wooden toys and stuff - PO: Er, 5 minutes turned out to be 2.5 hours.
Reach Bangalore late evening

Tiger pugmarks


More Jungle Safari Pictures


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