Saturday, April 11, 2009

5km Run

Yes, I used to also wonder how could one possibly run at all in Bangalore with too much auto-rickshaw fumes in the air and massive human traffic everywhere. Then some company (I’m sure there are others but I just know of this one because I got drag into it) called Nike, organized a run club at one of the big parks in the city called Cubbon Park. Normally, traffic is allowed to pass through the park but for the safety and wellbeing of the runners, the roads are closed from 6am to 8am on Saturdays.

I’ve only ever run at the gym, at most 2km and usually in the evenings when I’m fully awake and stressed from work or life. Hence, running 5km non-stop at 7am that morning during my extended vacation felt very strange. The whole run took about 34 minutes (I know, I know, it’s lame and no where near world record but hey, at least I didn’t quit) and at the end of the run I have a sore left knee, a throbbing right foot and enough endorphins to keep me happy for the month.

Nike Run Club India