Monday, November 30, 2009


I know, at the rate I'm posting, it’d be Christmas but can I just say that it’s tough juggling a couple of start-ups, catching up with people and trying to spend time with my two little terrorists (also known as my nieces) before I leave NYC again.

Having been deprived of a whole year without Thanksgiving food (Thanksgiving in India), the menu this year was I think, the most extravagant it has ever been.

After many weeks of Food Network watching, my sister and I decided to ditch Ina and Martha and went with the New York Magazine Thanksgiving menu. All the recipes were written to feed 8 people and so we doubled the ingredient amount suggested. We had originally planned to cook for 18 people but 6 people flaked and did so just as the Fresh Direct man rings the doorbell with our Thanksgiving grocery delivery. We also added to the menu our all time favorite; green bean casserole.

Our cooking game plan/oven schedule, courtesy of Joe Kon

Ingredients used for Green Bean Casserole

The 20lbs turkey

Temperature of turkey *must* be 155 degrees

Sausage and Mushroom Stuffing

Joe preparing orange ham

The Thanksgiving banquet

Carve away Alf!

I wish I could say I was stuffed but after cooking (and smelling) food for two days, I didn’t have much appetite during dinner. In fact, I was so tired that I didn’t even bother carving the turkey, which to me, is like making the first cut on a perfect birthday cake. My favorite dish of the day is Maple Whipped Sweet Potatoes.

To most Americans, Thanksgiving is about gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation. To us, Thanksgiving has always been about getting together to eat. As I grow older, I realize my ability to eat great amounts of food has declined and Thanksgiving is no longer about how much I can eat but about how much fun I have cooking with my posse.

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