Saturday, October 18, 2008

Malaysia: Lil Jon and Harley Davidson

It’s Friday in Malaysia. I just got back from Bidor because it’s where my parents go to pray during Kwan Yin festival. I turned on my laptop and worked for a 3 hours and then hopped on a conference call that lasted an hour and ended just in time for Mervyn’s arrival at 10:45pm. We drove to a club call “Mist” in Bangsar where M (a hot Malaysian celebrity)’s boyfriend (a hot Malaysian businessman) was co-hosting a show with Harley Davidson and the performer that night is Lil Jon. Whhho? Lil Jon is the rap artist from Atlanta who frequently and obnoxiously says “Whhhuutt” in his songs. The tickets for the performance was Rm100 but thankfully, because of M, we got in the club at no charge and hassle-free. I love hanging out with celebrities.

There were two types of people at Mist tonight; A) kecik-mayung (young adults), both Blacks and Black-wannabes, dressed up in over-sized pants purposely pulled down half-way of the buttocks to show some underwear and B) Harley Davidson bikers. You will never, ever see both hip-hop and Harley Davidson fans in an NYC club.

Lil Jon was 2 hours late. During his performance, all he did was pranced around the stage and all I could hear is him shouting, which was concealed very well by the loud music.

Tonight gave me flashbacks of HELP College days and for the first time in a long time, I felt a little out of place. I was throwing back a few JD and Coke (another HELP days common practice) in hopes they will help me enjoy the party more but instead I found myself yawning and feeling bored.

When I got home at 2am, my brother Punn and I drove out to hunt for some Ramlee burgers.

Is this what being 30 is like; wiser, fatter and easily bored?

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ivan said...

turning 30.
pretty much what you said.
minus the 'wiser' part.