Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Madhu was in Bangalore for work and we used his company-paid car and driver to go on a one-day trip. We left Bangalore at the crack of dawn and after about three hours, we arrived just in time for some masala chai and dosa. Mysore is one of those places that if you live in Bangalore, there's no rush and will always be an opportunity, hence after four months of India and about seventeen attempts, I've finally arrived. I think I would have been more impressed with Mysore sights if it was my first stop in India.

Tipu’s Summer Palace. Foreigners pays Rs200 to enter and Indians pay Rs20. Madhu paid the latter amount. We spent about 30 minutes here and then drove to St. Philomena’s Cathedral, which is one of the largest in India but looked like any other cathedrals to me.

Sandalwood Factory. Mysore is well known for producing sandalwood goods but we were told unless you go to a government-operated shop, you probably won't get genuine sandalwood products. Other shops will sell wood carvings infused with sandalwood scent which would cost 80% lesser but just as pretty.

Chamundi Hill. There are two ways to get to the Sri Chamundeswari Temple; drive or climb the 1000-plus steps from the bottom of the hill where the Nandi statue sits. Somehow, we managed to do both.


Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary. We took a boat to have a closer look at some egrets but there were also some creepy crocodiles hiding under the lake or behind the bushes.

Maharajah Palace, also known as the Mysore Palace. The palace interior was filled with stained glass, mosaics and gaudy colored paintings. Within the palace compound, we went on an elephant ride. The palace closes at five o'clock but our driver Ravee said we absolutely have to return here at dusk because it will be illuminated by ninety-six thousand light bulbs, which only happens on Sundays and during the Dussehra festival. Fortunately for us, it was Sunday.

Mysore Palace

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