Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pondicherry and Auroville

I shouldn't title this trip with "Pondicherry" because we were hardly there. We spent most of our waking hours exploring Auroville but after three days, I am still unsure if I get it. In a nutshell, as I understand it, Auroville is a project that was dreamed and started by "The Mother" of a place "... where all human beings of good will, sincere in their aspiration, could live freely as citizens of the world, obeying one single authority, that of the supreme Truth ...". It has been nearly 40 years since the birth of Auroville and today, it is close to 2100 acres and mostly populated with forest, fruit trees and about 2000 people.

If I can describe Auroville in one word, it'd be serene. At first glance, Auroville looks like expatriates have invaded India. More than 40% of the population is of European descent.

We rented bicycles at first but all the bicycles were old and wobbly and the lights doesn't work so we got some TVS/moped instead, which I think is the best way to get around Auroville. Here's Pritika and Livio.

Afsana Guest House - is where we stayed.

An Aurovillian home - mosaic rooftop and random statues in the garden. We were told this house was built by an American lady but currently home to a Spaniard couple.

Dynamised water - good enough to drink without the need to filter or boil and believed to cure various ailments. You could get this for free at the Visitor's Center.

Matrimandir - is situated right in the center of Auroville. We didn't get to visit because you have to get an entry pass, which is not something possible on weekends. This building took 37 years to construct, is used for meditation and does not belong to any religion.

Another Aurovillan homes. Smurf's house?

Next to Ami Guest House is an area where you will notice strange things like motorcycles balancing on the top of trees making the whole place looking a creepy adult playground. Livio and Anand are playing on a merry-go-round.

Roadside Idly and masala chai stop on our way to Pondicherry.

More pictures of Pondi and Auroville


Amiya said...

Hi, by any chance do you have the number of the guest house or know how to book it ...


Po said...

I know this is a wee bit late, but I finally managed to find the info on the Auroville website.

contact baskar or afsaneh
telephone: 2622048, 2622108, 9345400700, 9943644435