Monday, March 29, 2010

Mantri Square, the Biggest Mall in India

(Apologies in advance for the ugly-looking-pixelated-camera-phone-quality pictures.)

Earlier this month, the largest mall in India opened but since I haven’t been too in-tuned with Bangalore news lately, I got the big news about the launch of Mantri Square from my bff, Nan, who lives in NYC. So, out of curiosity to see what other imported goods are offered in India (and what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon), we went to the mall.

Professional-looking receptionist at the Information Desk

Taco Bell launched in India a week or so ago. Would you believe the line!

The architecture and layout of the building is modern and nice. There were some interesting ideas carried out in this mall, like the vertical parking, which is a big space saver.

Parking Area

I think it makes a lot of sense but on the downside, traffic becomes a pain when everyone decides to leave. Oh and the lack of parking-area labels may result to a lot of frustrated customer who couldn't find their cars.

The execution of the mall is quite blah and the lack of attention to details is quite obvious.

Is it really that big, like would I consider it a giant mall? Having come from Kuala Lumpur and seen a few massive malls there that are still trying to outdo each other, I would say the Bangalore Mantri Square is pretty modest, but next to the few malls in Bangalore (or India), it definitely deserves the title.

Entrance to the Mantri Square

I am not a fan of malls but I think this is a good start to bringing the city a step forward to um, modernization? Personally, I think it is safer and less stressful shopping here than say Commercial Street or 100 ft Road where you risk stepping into a pothole or getting run over by a motorcycle on the sidewalk.

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