Monday, April 5, 2010

A Sindhi Wedding in Goa

Since my last Indian wedding post, I must have attended (and been involved in) at least 2 more Indian weddings. This one was a destination wedding, Sindhi-style, most events were held in Goa and then a reception in Bangalore. It was done so grandly, I sometimes felt like I was in a Bollywood film.

Day One: The Pool Party
Performers at the pool party
The bride's family arranged for some performers at the pool party.

Poolside party
Guests enjoying the show.

Day Two: The Mehendi and Sangeet
The Bride
The bride

Area where henna was done.
An outdoor area where mehendi was done.

Area where henna was done.
"A" won't keep his hands off any musical instruments.

Entrance to an open air area where the Sangeet was held
In the evening, a sangeet was held in an open air area on top of a hill. This is the entrance to the party.

A sangeet performance by friends of the bride.

Day Three: The Wedding
Putting on a turban
Guys were required to wear turbans. The groom's family hired a professional turban-tier.

Groom's boys in turban
Friends of the groom in turban and Indian outfits.

On a horse to wed the bride
Groom on a horse, about to meet his soon-to-be bride.

Trumpets as the groom comes in on his horse
The band plays while the groom enters in a horse.

Here comes the bride...
Here comes the bride...

The wedding
The wedding ceremony

Day Four: The Bangalore Reception
At the reception
I didn't get a chance to take shots of the newlyweds, but here's one with my soon-to-be family.

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Rachel T said...

You look really pretty in that sari! And I love the curtain of flowers around the wedding ceremonial place.