Saturday, August 23, 2008


Did I mention I started feeling achy and feverish with cold and coughs on the second day on my trip up to North India and still feeling the symptoms 13 days later?

I gave in and went to see a doctor at Manipal Hospital. My friend M met me there. At the registration counter, I had to fill out a form with my basic contact information and no need to show official documents for verification. The registration and doc’s fee cost Rs300 (US$7.50, gotta love India). The lady at the counter gave me a slip and directed us to the General Physician area. On our way to the first floor the power went off (an overly common event in Bangalore) and at that moment I understood why hospital scenes are so popular in horror movies. If M weren’t here with me, I would have freaked out.

Thought I should maximize my visit here, I also paid to see a Dermatologist (did I also mention I’ve been breaking out like I’m going through second puberty?). The dermatologist also cost Rs300. We waited close to an hour to see each doctor and turned out I have a throat infection and the pollution in Bangalore is causing the acnes.

"You're going through India's immune system orientation I see. You went from Antiseptic land (US) to Septic land", says Leon Keith Jackson.

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