Saturday, August 30, 2008

North India - Day 4: Chittogargh & Ranakpur

We left Udaipur and back-tracked to Chittogargh, which everyone thought was a waste of time but I think it was worth the trip.


Rana Kumbha Palace

Rana Kumbha Palace

Singa Chowri Temple

Singa Chowri Temple

Singa Chowri Temple

Jaya Stambha Tower

Gaumukh Reservoir

This lady came to us and put some red powder on our forehead and insisted we pay her Rs10 for her blessings. I told her in return, I’d make her a little popular by taking this picture.

Padmini’s Palace

First, these people cornered us and insisted we take a photo of them with our camera.

And then this group of men cornered us and refused to let us go until we girls take a picture with each of them... one by one.

Here’s my most favorite photo of the trip.


Ranakpur is about 6 hours away. On our way, we passed hundreds of people walking on the road and Bhavan, our driver explains that they would walk for 20+ days (500km) to get from their village to a temple in Jodhpur to show dedication to God.

Here’s my most favorite temple - Chaumujha Mandir, a temple made of carved white marble has 1444 pillars and no two alike.

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