Sunday, August 17, 2008

North India - Day 1: Delhi

I slept for an hour last night because I had to wake up at 4am to get to the Bangalore aiport by 5:30am for my flight to Delhi. I was looking forward to sleep on my window seat throughout the 2.5 hours flight except the Indian man sitting next to me would not shut up. He said I reminded him of his little sister who died 30 years ago and he would like for us to have a special relationship, one that's like a brother-sister and that he's married with 2 kids and would never cheat on his wife but would like me to help him get a sales or marketing job in Malaysia or China. I told him that this conversation is way too creepy and he says I'm reserved because I don't talk much. WTF.

I'm going to nap now because Nan and Joe are arriving in an hour.

3 hours later
Nan and Joe finally arrived. We walked to Main Bazaar to have lunch at the terrace of Metropolis Tourist Home. On our way there, Joe got attacked by lice and Nan accidentally ran into a street urinal. Welcome to India guys.

Monkeys at Paharganj

School Bus

We took an auto-rickshaw to explore Delhi and the name of our driver of the day is Maru Chan.

India Gate.

Lotus Temple. We met an Indian girl who is volunteering at this temple who happens to be Malaysian. She gave her email to Joe and that made his day.

Shopping at Dalli Haat. This is a government-run bazaar so they wouldn’t budge when we tried to haggle. They sat us on a coach and started selling everything in this store.

Needless to say, I tried on almost everything, walked out a little broke and Joe thought I’m a hard customer to please. (Photo courtesy of Nan)

Stay: Ajunta Hotel in the Paharganj area. A bit run down with a constant hint of cow dung smell but it is Old Delhi, everywhere you go smells a bit cow dung-ish.
Metropolis Tourist Home

More Pictures of Delhi


Anonymous said...

O M G i am reading that and it is CRACKING me up!! WTH??? such a random convo lol. I hope u have fun in Delhi! Be safe!

Johnny BigNuts said...

A friend of mine msged me today and went "Eh Amit, Candice is in India is it?"
I said "Uh. Candice from HELP?"

"Ya, apparently you helped her get an apartment!"

Turns out my silly friend got the wrong Candice and also wrong Amit.

Enjoy your stay in India.You're going to meet A LOT of weirdos here.