Friday, August 15, 2008

Sweet Home

Found it! This awesome luxury suite (or I like to call it studio service apartment) is in Shilton Residence 4 short blocks (or 0.5 km) from the Hibiscus, my last apartment. The only way I could afford this place is because of Amit's networking and negotiating skills.

Thanks Amit! And thanks Khartik for helping me move, twice.

Studio bedroom/suite


The hot water is not too hot or cold, the bed is firm and bouncy and no sound of auto rickshaws. So happie!!


Anonymous said...

omg this place ROCKS!!!

BuayaInsaf said...
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Zen said...

nice nice ...almost looks like my bath room minus the tub

Weng said...

Glad you've finally found a place you like.

TheFixer said...

Nice crib.