Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Big Indian Wedding

I have a list of must-do-before-I-die and and attending an Indian wedding (or getting invited to one) was one of it. Alok and Shruti’s 3-day wedding was perfect.

Day 1: Mehndi & Cocktails


Singing and dancing during Mehendi session.

Getting Mehendi-ed

Pani Puri - They punctured a hole into this deep- fried ball, stuff some cooked spiced potatoes in it and then pour some green liquid inside. Quite tasty.

Cocktails and Clubbing at The Mine

Alok and Shruti are such great hosts. What do you do when your guests are drunk and danced-out? You feed them.

24 hours later.

More pictures of Day 1

Day 2: Tilak Ceremony, Sangeet & Dinner

Bride and Groom on stage

Performance by the bride (no, there were no groom performance)

But Alok did dance a storm. Lady in pink saree is Alok's mom.

Alok's friends performing to the song "ohm shanti ohm"

Alok's friends chilling by the bar after performance

Doesn't this look like an Indianized GAP ad? Check out the shoes.

More pictures of Day 2

Day 3: Wedding Ceremony

Apparently, the groom is supposed to arrive at the location on a horse (or an elephant, I can't remember) with a music band but the Leela Palace did not allow noise or animals, so Alok's friends had to sing loudly to simulate.

Leela Palace

Groom and Bride

Wedding Accessories

Wedding ritual: pouring rice into fire. Not sure what is the significance but I'm sure Alok isn't sure either.

Literally tying the knot.

Negotiating for the groom's slippers

The rituals went on for a while.

Me, Pooja, Chitra, Helen and Sneha

The friends. Like a sore thumb.

Weddings can be quite emotional.

Leaving the ballroom

The Newlyweds

More pictures of Day 3


Anonymous said...

dude so nice that u were invited to an indian wedding!!! how did u score that???

Weng said...

I like your sari.

ioney said...

Leela Palace-- kelas betul! Love your sari too :)