Friday, July 11, 2008

Oily Massage

I could tell you about Ayurveda and how it is the ancient Indian medicine and system but that would be boring and you could look it up on Wikipedia.

I thought after frequently going to the ladies’ room in American gyms, experiencing Japanese onsen (hot spring), and been massaged many, many times, I would get over being embarrassed about being nude in front of a stranger, but no. I asked my masseuse if she has something for me to cover, and she handed me a tiny piece of loincloth.

She started of by pouring oil onto sections of my head and massaging it. Next, I climbed onto a wooden massage bed or table and she worked on my face and yes, she oiled my face. The technique was a little rougher than what I am used to getting from my Chinatown facialist but it was surprisingly relaxing. Next, she worked on sections of my body and eventually towards um, yeah. It felt weirder than having a breast examination by my Gynocologist.

After about 45 mins of slipping and sliding, I was put into a steam bath, which looks to me like a human-size steam container. After that, she took me the bathroom and sat me down on a stool and started pouring warm water on me and this is when I started getting flashbacks of grandma. She stopped after applying some muddy green substance on my back. She told me to put it all over, including my face. She then left the bathroom and I cleaned up. When I was dressed, she finished up by applying put some chocolate powder on my Sahasrara chakra (top of the head). Can’t wait for my next session.


Weng said...

what's "ahem"? So what is the green substance and what's it for anyway?

Zen said...

was there happy ending ..? :)

ioney said...

KIM you're so disgusting!!!!!!

haiyoh, candice let me know if you want me to give kim a good knock on the head.

~Po~ said...

It's ok Oi Yen, I will smack him when I get back.

Kim, I think it's clear you and I go for totally different kinds of massages.

Zen said...

happy ending = were you refreshed and relax after the experience ..?

you pervs ... get your head out of the gutter and stop stereotyping me :(