Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I did it!

I took my first auto-rickshaw ride tonight. Yes, you read it right, it was tonight. I came home early from work and met an American in my building. All along I thought I was the only person in this five-floor apartment building. J was walking up the stairs to use the treadmill in the "gym" on the roof when I met him. He's been in Bangalore for about 10 days and has been eating dinner alone (sounds awfully familiar), so I suggested having dinner together and that's what we did. The auto-rickshaw ride was pretty damn exciting and harmless (I didn't get kidnapped) but is as noisy as it looks and costs 40 rupees (US$1) one way. Dinner came up to 150 rupees ($3.75) -- Shoot! I was so hungry I inhaled my butter naan, some mushed spinach and some other mushed brown vegetarian dish before taking any pictures. Note to self: Bring camera at all times. Take photos.

P/S: It's not really a gym. It's a closet with a treadmill and an eliptical machine.


Anonymous said...

who is this boy?? you must share *wink*

Manas Mishra said...

Nice... so now you are just one ayurvedic massage away from becoming completely Indian :)