Friday, July 25, 2008

Damn Bombs

After spending 3 hours being indecisive about watching the Dark Knight movie, I finally gave in and my nice colleague K instantly bought the movie tickets. Five minutes later he said change of plans because there are bombings in Bangalore and one of the bombs blasted right behind The Forum; a popular mall and also where our theatre is located. I found out later there were a series of 9 bombings and one of them on Langford Road, which is the street right off my corporate apartment building.

My brother Justin told my mother, "bomb goes wherever she goes" (re: 9/11). I'm just annoyed that my Friday night plans got cancelled.

Full Bangalore Bomb Story


Anonymous said...

aw babe i hope u stay safe this weekend...i hate those stupid bombings...cant we all just get along??!!! sigh STAY SAFE!

magik_ink said...


your life is so full of excitement ... Take care!

~Po~ said...

Thanks guys. I guess constantly being exposed to terror threats can be rather exciting.

Zen said...

po ... you have such and exciting life in bangalore ..will you ever wanna come back :)

...we miss you