Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Visit Bangalore Day

Last Saturday I decided to seek ideas from the Lonely Planet (because all my new friends are busy), which landed me at the Karnataka State Tourist Development Corporation (KSTDC) where I signed up for a Bangalore sight-seeing tour.

is called "Garden City" and this is one is Lalbagh Park. It's actually quite surreal to see a park so well manicured and maintained smacked right in the middle of a pretty polluted city.

Tipu's summer palace.

Bangalore museum

From my photo selection, I’m sure you can tell that the tour was pretty lame but I guess if you have a tight schedule and want to see Bangalore, this would be perfect. Fare: Rs190 on a “Volvo” A/C bus.

More Bangalore tour pictures.

I won’t be me if I didn't over-book my weekend. The tour took about 6 hours and ran over about 45 minutes and addition to that the Bangalore traffic resulted in my very late arrival to the Americans in Bangalore Meet-Up dinner event.

I swear it is way more fun than it looks.

Indian desserts.

More Meetup pictures.

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